In Gratitude

We are grateful for you, our readers.
Thank you for allowing us to share these intimate stories with you.

We are grateful for all who support and encourage our freedom to write stories through their specialties of Administration, Creative Design, E-commerce, Editing, Finance and Accounting, Law, Printing, Tech and Translation.

We are grateful for the people, places, rituals and traditions we experience in our travels around this big blue marble. We honor your diversity as an expression of Creation.

We are grateful to our personal Beloveds who love us, inspire us, stimulate, frustrate and challenge us.

Thank you for helping our souls evolve in this moment, in the future and across all timelines and dimensions.

We are grateful for our fellow Collaborators and their creativity, vulnerability and courage venturing into the depths of the Soul’s journey here on earth.

We are grateful for the ecstasy of Soul Love found within another and within ourselves.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.