Our Secrets

We make no excuse for our humanness.
Our novellas are intended for an 18+ audience.
These provocative stories are for the inspiration of mature Souls.

They may contain substantial sexually explicit scenes with multiple partners, strong graphic language and disturbing imagery, which may be considered offensive to some readers and inappropriate for minors.

Read them with the understanding that you are fully responsible for your own choices, and actions.

Please proceed and enjoy at your own risk!

You may find it strange that many of the messages in our stories are similar. After all, we have heard them from every master teacher and enlightened mind who has ever given us the benefit of their wisdom. We wish to show you that their messages do not come in lightning bolts, but rather through people you meet every day, places you visit and simple experiences that are often quietly speaking to you. It is our intention that you enjoy the unique spiritual paths each of our characters express through their human forms.

Writing these stories is a response to our Spiritual Calling. The intimate experiences of our characters are as transformative for us as we trust they may be for you too. As a creative collaboration, we write and share as an offering of spiritual service toward the illumination and understanding of the dynamic essence of true Beauty, that is our world. Therefore, it does not matter who we are. We are simply an imaginative conduit. We are grateful you respect our personal quiet anonymity and instead allow our creative expressions to be spotlighted and shared.