Our Story

We are a global coalescence of writers, creatives and storytellers respectfully in service to spiritual awareness. We write our stories to nourish imagination, inspiration, and a personal discovery of the soul and share them through the mediums of published books, e-books, audio books and videos.

The novellas of the Be-Loved Journey SeriesTM are a collection of spiritually inspired stories, written through the lens of human expression in a relatable and modern context.

Within our pages are spiritual romances full of adventure, personal evolution and illuminating intimacy. Our writers and readers are connected together through the everyday routines of life, the mystery of travel, the discovery of Soul Love, and the expressions of passion – all through the imbuement of spiritual learning.

These stories arrive as a colorful gift to the writers of our international collaboration, who are able to express, through the creative fire of imagination, a sensual freedom via the journey of spiritual embodiment. The shaping and articulating of these personal stories allow the spirit of humanity to take center stage without borders or walls, across all walks of life, ages, backgrounds, sexual uniqueness, and beliefs. Wildcrafted from direct experience, these pages host an awakening to the universality of lived intimacy and a surrendering to our most empowered sense of self.

The readers receive these gems, dripping with liberating luminosity, to illustrate personal exploration across the world, as well as within themselves. This satisfies the craving for representation in culture, spiritual beliefs, life experiences and sexuality. Each Soul’s journey is like clear light, a myriad of colors that perceived together brings clarity to the whole. These personal experiences elucidate what it means to be human, while embracing the ever-evolving nature of reality, and transition into a liberated perspective of Beauty that is everywhere.